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Dáil Diary no 26. 27th March 2015

Terrorism is Legitimate – When it's carried out by the United States…

This week I got an opportunity to speak on the ongoing disaster in Syria and the general attitude of the Irish Government and the EU towards the region. It is clear that we do not take a neutral position and have clearly taken the side of the US Military, who are responsible for the majority of the Terrorist acts, presently taking place in the world - it’s called State Terrorism and sadly the Irish Government, out of its own economic self-interests, is happy to legitimise it. Here are my

Dáil contributions on the issue -

The Minister of State and I will both agree that Syria is in a terrible situation with 3.3 million refugees, 5.5 million displaced within the country and another 3 million who have left the country to look for work. This amounts to approximately 12 million people in total. The people are starving with four out of five people said to be living in dire poverty and suffering hunger.

It is very difficult to know what Ireland can do but one thing we should encourage is the realisation that there will not be a military solution to the crisis. All the turmoil started out of the bombing of Iraq beginning in 2003 which in turn led to civil war in Iraq between Sunni and Shia and the creation of ISIS. The recent bombing campaign by the US in Iraq and Syria is unlikely to help the situation. The flow of arms from western allies and from the Saudis through Turkey into Syria will not help things. There will not be a military solution. We must encourage the US to sit down with the Russians and the Iranians to stop the massacre and the violence because it is too horrific for words. Those parties are the most powerful and they can make a difference. The work must be towards securing a truce.
While work towards achieving a truce in Syria is worthwhile, the flow of arms to Israel must stop and Palestine must be recognised as a state in its own right. Much of the trouble in the Middle East emanates from the problems in Palestine and these problems will continue until justice is achieved for the Palestinians.

The Minister and I agree that both sides in the Syrian conflict have been guilty of horrific crimes. The use of arms and bombing by both sides is not helping matters. When Pol Pot started his campaign he had an army of 5,000 men, yet within four years the actions of President Nixon and his Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, through the use of B52 bombers, had increased this figure to 200,000. ISIS is similar to Pol Pot's crowd in that its members are also a bad shower that has grown out of the violence in the region. We need to stop this violence and advocate for the bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq to stop. ISIS will not be beaten by bombing them from 30,000 ft. The bombing campaign does not solve the problem as it causes even greater misery for the citizens who must live under it. We must call on everyone to stop supplying arms and munitions to Syria."

On Ireland and Europe’s refusal to take an independent Foreign Policy position -

"It is hard to be here some days. The Minister of State, Deputy Dara Murphy, and my good friend, Deputy Dooley, seem to have forgotten that the trouble in Ukraine began when the elected government was overthrown, with serious financial assistance from the US. That was when most of the turmoil in Ukraine began.

Deputy Timmy Dooley:  Deputy Wallace's solution is to take Russian money.

Mick Wallace:  I do not recall interrupting Deputy Dooley when he was speaking. The Taoiseach referred to the fact that Russia has broken international law. I agree with him. Russia often breaks international law. However, I do not think it has had quite as many opportunities to break international law as the United States. If one considers the number of countries that have been invaded, bombed or had their sovereignty challenged by the US in the past 50 years, Russia pales by comparison. We break international law by allowing US military planes to pass through Shannon Airport. We allow the place to be used as a US military base. It is a landing pad on the way to war. We facilitate the use of Shannon for military purposes.

Deputy Timmy Dooley:  He is Putin's representative in Shannon.

Mick Wallace:  The original invasion of Iraq in 1991 led to the death of more than 1 million people. It was horrific. Not happy with bombing the country, the US bullied the UN into introducing sanctions of such severity that Denis Halliday, who was in charge of the UN's humanitarian campaign, resigned on the grounds that his programme was complicit in genocide. The US invaded Iraq again in 2003, with Irish support. We were part of the coalition of the willing. Bertie Ahern told us we were not really participating but we allowed Shannon to be used by the US while it killed another 700,000 civilians in Iraq between 2003 and 2011. During his term of office, Barack Obama has bombed seven, predominantly Muslim, countries. This is a man who won the peace prize because he promised to put an end to the nuclear arms race. He cannot even get Israel to sign up to non-proliferation agreements. He has now agreed to expand the nuclear arms race again.

Blair and Bush are guilty of war crimes. Obama is guilty of war crimes. Putin is guilty of war crimes. Assad and Netanyahu are guilty of war crimes. We take sides. They are all bad people who have caused unmitigated disasters around the planet. We should not take any side. I have no respect for any of these people but we are getting involved, and we are not neutral. How can the Taoiseach give out about Russia's breaches of international law without bringing a balance to the issue?

He was over in New York kissing Obama's backside and there was not a word about the fact that the man is guilty of war crimes. Where is the balance?
It breaks my heart that we cannot stay out of these matters and take a neutral position of working for peace. The arms race and the militarisation of the planet is causing untold disaster for millions of people. Old people, women and child suffer the most because they occupy most of the buildings that are destroyed by bombs. Able bodied men are not usually in the buildings when the bombs drop on them. Women, children and the elderly are the ones who most commonly die. It is crazy. I urge the Minister of State to bring balance to these matters by restoring our neutrality."

Mick Wallace.

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