Mick Wallace The winter is back for Wexford @YouthsWomen V Shellbourne at the AUL..... https://t.co/QrBblunhj9
Mick Wallace Big win for @WexfordFC Youths 17's away to Galway - 2-0 with goals from Adham Masood and Liam Berry....
Mick Wallace The 'mission' was to destroy the 'trust' that was #WikiLeaks' 'centre of gravity'... Sweden + 'The Guardian' let th… https://t.co/QeGi8mpnM1
Mick Wallace #NAMA Inquiry will not get to the real truth, if individuals are allowed hide behind 'Confidentiality' or NAMA Act...https://t.co/hiJOn7ZOPI
Mick WallaceOn March 24th members of the Dail made statements on the current situation in Libya. In his remarks, Mick drew attention to the inconsistencies in the foreign policies of many Western governments. The full text of his speech can be read below, click here to view the speech. I find it ridiculous, as a new Member, that so few Deputies are present but they must have a funny notion about how the Parliament should work. I am sure none of the 166 Members would stand up for Gadaffi. He has not behaved in a good fashion over a number of years, like many leaders in the region. Sadly, the guns and bombs he is using in his campaign were supplied to him mostly by Britain, France and Italy, the very countries which are keen to drop bombs on the country. It is all very well for these governments to do business with Gadaffi and to speak to him about oil and arms but when it suits them, they will drop bombs on him. As British Prime Minister, Tony Blair visited Gadaffi in Libya in 2004. Condoleezza Rice visited him as American Secretary of State in 2008 and President Sarkozy visited only two years ago but they have a different agenda now. There are huge inconsistencies in how western powers apply their foreign policy and it is hypocritical that only in the past week 40 civilians were killed by a government supported by western powers in Bahrain while, in Yemen, 52 civilians also lost their lives at the hands of a government that is strongly supported by them. It would be nice if the Government had the courage to point this out. As Deputy Ó Snodaigh stated, in January 2009, when Israel was allowed to bomb the living daylights out of Palestine for an entire month, president elect Obama sat on the sidelines and said nothing. His argument that he was not allowed to speak out on the issue because he still had not taken up the office of president was blown out of the water when he made comments on two other issues that came up at the same time. It is pretty obvious to most people on the planet how western governments do business. I firmly believe that the idea of dropping bombs on people is not a wonderful way of introducing them to the notion of democracy. Thankfully, the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt are making progress without recourse to bombing by western powers, which is positive, despite the fact that former pr



Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.


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