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mwOn Wednesday, January 25th Mick spoke on the Water Services [Amendment] Bill 2011 in the Dáil. The debate with Minister Hogan continued throughout the afternoon with Mick inputing his opinion at different stages on a topic that he is very familiar with. The main point in Mick's address stressed that the Governement were acting without any real knowledge of the scale of the problem and the appropriate remedial action to be taken. You can watch the full debate here. Below, you can read Mick's individual comments.

The Minister stated earlier that financial hardship would not be imposed on anyone who needed to have his or her septic tank adjusted in any way. Can I take it that people will not have to pay for adjustments where it is not their fault? If there are costs involved in remedying a tank to meet the new regulations, the Minister has stated no one will suffer financial hardship. I take it there will be grants. Is that true? The Minister is not answering my question. The Minister will probably agree with me that it would be very unfair if people had to pay for something for which they were not responsible. I agree with the Government that this is a problem which must be addressed but under no circumstances should the cost fall on those who are not responsible for the fact that their septic tank does not measure up to the new regulations to be applied. The Minister has said he will take a risk based approach rather than have all septic tanks inspected. I am curious to know how he will decide on which tanks should be tested. Wexford has the second highest number in the country and I am fairly confident that close to 50% will be found to be disappointing, as there is a huge problem with percolation in the county. There was also a huge problem with the raised beds scheme because the soil used was not good enough to take the bacteria out of the wastewater before reaching the water table. That presented a major problem. Many were allowed to use soak pits in the earlier days which are now clogging up and do not work as a result. There is also the issue of the outfall to running streams, which is now illegal. Obviously, permission was obtained to do this, but it will cost money to change it and since no one will suffer financial hardship, I presume the Government has plenty of money set aside. Obviously, the Europeans have agreed to give some money because it will cost a good deal of money to rectify the problem. In fairness, it will create some unemployment, but I hope ordinary people will not have to pay for it. I have three queries for the Minister, two of which I have raised before and which he refused to answer. First, when he says there will be no financial hardship for householders, does this mean grants will be available to assist them in bringing their septic tank up to the necessary standard? I trust this was not a throwaway remark by him. I am sure he would not speak loosely and that it is his intention to ensure there will be financial supports for home owners who, through no fault of their own, do not satisfy the new regulations. My second question relates to the risk-based approach the Government proposes to take. If it is committed, as it should be, to providing clean water and having a healthy environment, how does it propose to assess which households should be tested? Perhaps there is a hard and fast rule or it is more vague; I do not know. If grants are made available for remediation measures, will the Government be tempted not to go too far in order to avoid costs, or is it serious about cleaning the water table? Does the Minister believe a sum of €2,000 on average will be enough to fix septic tanks in need of remedial work? I have installed many septic tanks and would be surprised if such a sum was sufficient to remediate many of the septic tanks in County Wexford. I agree with the Deputy. In fairness to the Minister, he seems to be working in the dark. He does not seem to know what he will do with septic tanks, how many will need work, what it will cost and how much he has to spend. We seem to be doing things backwards. It would be a great idea to take a look first. Surely it would have been much easier for the Minister to work forward.

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