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Irish Water have commenced fitting water metres in different parts of the country and its noteworthy that neither the Local Authority nor the newly formed Irish Water have taken the bother to send out an information leaflet that might inform the people about just what is going on. We do understand that the project is basically about structuring an arrangement whereby the people must begin to pay directly for water. And a little bit of forward thinking does lead one to suspect that the long term plan is to structure water use in Ireland in such a way as to allow it to be sold to a private consortium. This is hardly surprising, given that much of the behaviour of this Fine Gael/ Labour Government is driven by a neo liberal agenda.

When you join the dots, it would be unfair of anyone to suggest that this lack of information is unusual. No doubt there is probably some information available on the internet but when the Government wants to provide some political spin to the public, it is likely to be done through hard copy and the postal system – just in case anyone is missed. Welcome to the new way of doing Government – for those who remain to be convinced, just check out beneath the surface in the new ‘Freedom of Information Bill’, which is designed to hide how Government operates, rather than reveal it.

Today, Owen Dunbar, an activist in the Gorey area, had an experience with an ‘Irish Water’ worker – here’s Owens brief summary of same-

“Just had a very one sided conversation with an operative of Uisce or Irish Water Board who was working in the Ashwood Grove area of Gorey in relation to the fitting of smart water meters. I asked him what levels of radiation did the smart meters emit and his answer was that he did not know and had never seen one. He then flippantly told me " Sure don’t mobile phones emit radiation"; I said they may do but they do so below the permitted levels. I must say, I found him very unhelpful .I then took the phone number on the side of his van and when I got home I phoned the number and spoke to an operative and asked her for some info re smart meters. She started to tell me some details and I requested some written information. She informed me that she would have to record my details and would send on the information I requested - I thanked her and hung up. 10 minutes later she phoned me back to say I would have to apply to them in writing to receive the information I had requested. Talk about red tape, all designed to put you off…”

Interesting times we’re living in…

Mick Wallace.



Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.


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