Mick Wallace International law is now just something that is applied to the nations outside the embrace of the #US and #EU - Th… https://t.co/jeJRUUavQQ
Mick Wallace Budget 2020 - Why would we help to expand #US Fracking Industry by allowing #ShannonLNG project to go ahead? It wou… https://t.co/lPCVNbb672
Mick Wallace Dear @LeoVaradkar, @simoncoveney, @Paschald, @RichardbrutonTD & the rest... ....it’s not too late to stop doing ma… https://t.co/1R211jrt8P
Mick Wallace RT @christinafinn8: Today’s PAC meeting about the costs of the children’s hospital and how no one knows what the final bill will be reminde…

Foreign Affairs

Dáil Diary no 15 – 14th October 2016

Demolition of Calais Refugee Camp is a Humanitarian Disaster. Do we care?

There are reports today, Friday the 14th October, that police in full riot gear are gathering in numbers at ent…

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Dail Diary No 6 - 32nd Dáil
Politicians have different ideas as to how society should be organised. If anyone should wonder why inequality in Ireland increased during the lifetime of the Fine Gael/Labour Government, why…

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Press Statement

February 23rd 2015

Daly and Wallace in Ennis District Court tomorrow.

TD’s Clare Daly and Mick Wallace will appear in Ennis District Court tomorrow, Tuesday 24th February at 10.30am, in relation to their…

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Galway Alliance Against War AGM

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Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.


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