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mwOn Thursday November 25th, the Dáil heard statements on the report on Infrastructure and Capital Investment 2012-2016. In Mick's speech he calls for immediate job creation instead of continued austerity measures imposed on the public. He went on to comment on the current status of planned road developments in Wexford. During this part of Mick's speech he was interrupted continuously by a Government Minister from his own constituency. To view Mick's speech click here.

Mick Wallace Working towards job creation in the immediate future, as well as making serious investments for the long term, would make very good sense in the current economic climate. Sadly, the Government has continued along the path taken by the previous Government in accepting the austerity package lock, stock and barrel. This neo-liberal agenda suits the markets. The notion that we introduce austerity and expect the ordinary citizens of Europe to pick up the tab for failed banking institutions is getting harder to take the more the crisis deepens. It is a pity the Government lacks the courage to do something different which would be regarded as a greater investment in the country and its people and our society.  I understand the supply of money is not limitless and that the Government cannot spend everything it wants on infrastructure. Therefore, I agree with the withdrawal of a number of projects. For example, we have spent enough mad money on the Thornton Hall project. While money must be spent to improve prison conditions, we should not expand the number of prisons. Instead of locking more people away, it would make better sense to invest more in the social aspect of crime prevention and address the root causes of crime. More than enough people are in prison. The scrapping of the Thornton Hall project was a good move on the part of the Government. Given the current economic climate, a number of road projects were over the top. Ten years ago there was a serious deficit in the road structure, but there have been many positive advances since. That said, we probably got carried away with ourselves and I am not sorry to see some projects being shelved. For example, the grandiose Wexford and New Ross bypass projects were beyond----- Paul Kehoe They have not been abandoned but put on hold until we can regain our economic sovereignty. Michael Kitt Order, please. Paul Kehoe The Enniscorthy and New Ross bypass projects have not been abandoned. Mick Wallace The State----- Paul Kehoe The Deputy can spoof all he likes. It is all he can do. Michael Kitt Please, the Deputy has only one minute remaining. Paul Kehoe Let him spoof away for the next minute. Mick Wallace In recent weeks the State spent millions of euro buying land for the New Ross bypass project, a project we cannot afford to build. Paul Kehoe The Deputy was happy enough when millions of euro were being thrown into development projects, but he got caught out. Michael Kitt Minister of State, please. Paul Kehoe Have we ever heard such rubbish? Mick Wallace According to the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Deputy Varadkar, the problem he is facing is that a large number of interest groups, including local authorities, county managers, Deputies and Senators, want him to continue spending a great deal of money in planning projects that we cannot afford to build for ten or 20 years. He could spend that money, but it would be at the expense of road maintenance, removing dangerous bends and so on, which would be a mistake. Sadly, the price was obviously too----- Paul Kehoe The ladies sitting beside the Deputy want metro north to be built. Michael Kitt Order, please. Mick Wallace I share the Minister of State’s sentiments. Paul Kehoe The Deputies need continuity between them. Mick Wallace A Leas-Cheann Comhairle, am I not allowed to speak? Michael Kitt Order, please. Paul Kehoe Deputy Wallace is talking utter rubbish. Michael Kitt Please, the Deputy only has seconds left. Paul Kehoe They are enough. Mick Wallace I thank the Leas-Cheann Comhairle. It is a pity the Government did not follow through on its commitment. Special needs assistant numbers are being cut, yet we are buying land on which we cannot afford to build roads. At a time when money is scarce, this beggars belief. Are the landowners friends? I do not understand it. It is beyond me. Paul Kehoe The Deputy has plenty of friends in the development game. Michael Kitt Will Deputy Wallace, please, conclude as his time has expired? Mick Wallace I will give the Government credit when it is due. The only stimulus measure enacted in my time in the Dáil has been the one to help the restaurant and hotel industries. While the move was positive, it was unfortunate that pensions needed to suffer as a result. That was a bad move, but----- Paul Kehoe That is because the Deputy has a restaurant. Mick Wallace We need stimulus measures to get the economy back on its feet and to get our society functioning normally again. Paul Kehoe If the Deputy did not have a restaurant, he would be criticising that measure also. Michael Kitt Minister of State, please. Mick Wallace If we are to continue with austerity measures and making ordinary people pay for the crimes of big business, it is a sad day.  Paul Kehoe The Deputy is fairly fond of big business himself.



Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.


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