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We are all very well aware of the story of John Wilson and Maurice McCabe, the two whistleblowers who exposed the penalty points malpractice. Given that we are discussing whistleblowers and improving matters, I ask that Maurice McCabe immediately be given back independent access to the PULSE system. Maurice McCabe and John Wilson have put so much on the line. It is almost two years since they first went to the confidential recipient. The manner in which this Government has dealt with this is frightening and puts a question mark over the credibility of this Labour-Fine Gael Government. The competence and credibility of the Minister and the Garda Commissioner are in question. When the same Minister spoke on "Prime Time" about my incident, not one Member of the Government had a word of criticism about what he did. I heard the Minister being very economical with the truth last week on RTE saying the Standards in Public Office Commission, SIPO had cleared him of all wrongdoing. That is not true. SIPO said it did not have the remit to deal with my complaint. SIPO is toothless and lacks the appetite to challenge the Minister. Is there any point in having SIPO if this is how it carries on? Whistleblowers are rare for many reasons, and will become rarer, given how this State treats them. A while back we were given a transcript of a conversation two years ago, between Maurice McCabe and the Confidential Recipient. It is frightening. It includes the following: "I'll tell you something Maurice, and this is just personal advice to you, if Shatter thinks you're screwing him, you're finished." Here is another line: "If Shatter thinks…here's this guy again trying another route trying to put pressure, he'll go after you." Our Minister for Justice and Equality will "go after you"?? What is going on?? This Minister has referred the matter to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, GSOC, in a limited form under section 102. He still refuses to apply section 106, which would investigate practices, policies and procedures of how the Garda Síochána operates. He can pass a new whistleblower Bill but it is pointless unless he applies it. Building regulations in this country are powerful. The reason so many buildings were built wrong is not because we did not have building regulations, but because we did not apply them, and supervise the building. And the State did not spend money inspecting them. It was not that the regulations were not there. The same applies to the whistleblowers. The Government can introduce all the laws it likes about whistleblowers, but if the Minister for Justice and Equality is going to spend two years diminishing and dismissing complaints and allegations made by whistleblowers, what will come of the new Bill? What will it be to us? The Minister was in here this morning and I tried to raise several points, but time was scarce. However, I told the Minister that if this were Britain, he would not be in office. He would have been long gone. If this were Britain, the Garda Commissioner would not be in office. He would be long gone. The Minister, having presided over the penalty points fiasco for the best part of two years, has proven that he is unfit for office. Mick Wallace.

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Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.


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