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To ask the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government if he is currently putting together a contingency plan to assist the residents of Priory Hall in the event that the Supreme Court overturns the High Court judgment in relation to the provision of temporary accommodation, the costs of which are currently being met by Dublin City Council; and if he will make a statement on the matter. - Mick Wallace. For ORAL answer on Thursday, 2nd February, 2012.   REPLY The legal requirements applicable to the design and construction of new buildings, including dwellings, are specified in the second schedule to the Building Regulations. Technical Guidance Documents are published by my Department to demonstrate how the legal requirements can be achieved in practice.   Compliance with the regulations is first and foremost the responsibility of the owner or builder of a building. Enforcement of the Regulations is the responsibility of the local building control authority (Dublin City Council in the case of the development at Priory Hall) which is empowered to carry out inspections and to initiate enforcement proceedings where appropriate.   Notwithstanding the above, I am committed to strengthening the system to ensure stronger compliance with, and oversight of, the requirements of the Building Regulations. Local authorities and construction industry professionals in particular have a key role in this regard. In this context, I announced, in July 2011, a number of measures to further strengthen the existing regulatory regime. In broad terms the measures will involve:-  
  1. the introduction of mandatory certificates of compliance by builders and designers of buildings confirming that the statutory requirements of the Building Regulations have been met;
  2. the lodgement of drawings at both commencement and completion of construction, demonstrating how the building has been designed and built to comply with all parts of the Building Regulations;
  3. more efficient pooling of building control staff and resources across the local authority sector to ensure more effective and meaningful oversight of building activity;
  4. standardised approaches and common protocols to ensure nationwide consistency in the administration of building control functions;
  5. better support and further development of the building control function nationwide.
  The above reforms will have the capacity to improve the quality of buildings following their introduction as early as possible in 2012.   Professionals who are engaged by developers will be required to ensure that construction at least meets the legal minimum standards and there is an urgent need for the construction professions to deliver high standards and professionalism in the construction field. The legal proceedings in relation to Priory Hall are continuing and it would be inappropriate to anticipate their conclusion. The overriding priority is to facilitate the return by residents to their homes as early as possible. In this respect it will be necessary to ensure that these homes are made fit for purpose and that the costs of so doing fall where they should. I have asked Dublin City Council to do all within its powers to achieve this objective and I have asked my Department to continue to liaise closely with Dublin City Council in this regard.

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Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.


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