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To ask the Minister for Health his views on the need to introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks or a so called fat tax in order to combat obesity here; and if he will make a statement on the matter. - Mick Wallace For ORAL answer on Thursday 14th February, 2013   REPLY The prevalence of overweight and obesity has risen steadily in recent times, with 61% of Irish adults now overweight or obese. The problem has been exacerbated as a result of our changing social, economic and physical environment and by a dramatic reduction in physical activity, and changing dietary patterns. Alone, no single initiative will reverse the trend, but it is hoped that a combination of actions against obesity will help. As Minister for Health, I have made overweight and obesity a public health priority and have established a Special Action Group on Obesity (SAGO) with whom I meet regularly to progress the obesity agenda.   The Special Action Group on Obesity is concentrating on a range of measures including actions such as calorie posting in restaurants; as a means of educating the general public on the calorie content of food portions; revision of this Department’s Healthy Eating Guidelines, including the Food Pyramid, which were launched last year to help inform people about the food and drink choices required for a healthy lifestyle and set out in plain and simple language the food servings the Irish population need to consume to maintain health and well-being. Work is also being progressed in such areas as treatment algorithms which have been agreed and will inform primary care staff of the steps to be taken with regard to managing obesity. The Special Action Group on Obesity has been considering opportunistic screening and monitoring with the HSE with a view to earlier detection of overweight and obesity in children. Research is underway in association with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to establish the use and types of foods and drinks stocked in vending machines in post primary schools. The HSE has also developed a Physical Activity Plan for Ireland to give clear direction for the promotion of physical activity in Ireland and address the risk of developing health problems associated with sustained inactivity.   A sugar sweetened drinks levy is just one of a range of actions that have been under consideration. A Steering Group was established to oversee the carrying out of a Health Impact Assessment on the health and economic aspects of introducing a Sugar Sweetened Drinks tax. The Institute of Public Health facilitated the Department of Health with this assessment. I intend to publish this assessment in the near future.   The Special Action Group on Obesity is now looking at ways of reducing food consumption from the top shelf of the food pyramid, in accordance with this Department’s Healthy Eating Guidelines.

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