Mick Wallace RT @wallacemick: Would mean something for Irish people and the notion of 'Irish Neutrality' if Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs @simoncov
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Mick WallaceSuicide is a massive problem amongst both males and females and Wexford has seen its share of tragedies over the past few years. Mick has witnessed the effects of suicide first hand and acknowledges that there are diverging views as to how to tackle it. The effects of cutbacks in education and other resources can only lead to greater problems for our youth. You can watch Mick's speech on suicide prevention here. The more one considers suicide and the various opinions on how we should better deal with it, it becomes pretty obvious there is considerable divergence of opinion on how we should do so. There are no easy answers. One gets the impression that the psychologists and philosophers have divergent views right across the board. Three of my young under-16 players in Wexford, whom I knew well, committed suicide over the years. Two people who worked for me committed suicide. The most common characteristic of the five was poor communication skills and the inability to express oneself sufficiently. We need to work on this. There are no easy fixes. The manner in which youths are prepared for life is central to how they perform in life and deal with the problems that arrive on their plate. Depression comes in many forms and we are told it is strongly linked to the decision to take one’s own life. In a two-and-a-half-year period in Wexford, during which time two of my players committed suicide, 45 youths under 25 took their own lives in the county. Of those, 44 were boys and one was a girl. Research shows that girls suffer a little more from depression than males, yet they are much better at dealing with it. Girls have greater skills than boys in dealing with emotional problems and expressing their feelings. We need to concentrate on this issue. Boys must be taught to be more open and must learn to express themselves better. A problem shared becomes lighter. I note from my own children that girls are much quicker to cry and open their hearts to their friends when they have a problem. This area deserves attention, with particular focus on the early years of childhood. There is a need to develop skills in the areas of problem solving, communication and seeking help in an effort to prevent social isolation, frustration and hopelessness. There is no doubt that the abuse of alcohol and other drugs is not helping matters. There is a good chance this is linked to the increasing suicide rate because the level of abuse has increased during my lifetime. We must examine this issue. Schools need information on managing the concerns of young people. It is sad that, for the sake of the few million euro being saved, the number of resource teachers and learning support teachers is being cut. I am not saying any of us knows best how to deal with suicide but surely taking away good teaching facilities and much-need extra supports from young children cannot be positive.

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