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Dáil Diary no 18. 17th April 2014 – Irish Media in the pocket of Government and Big Business.

In order to have a healthy democratic society, we need an Independent fair media that will hold the establishment and powers that be, to account. We do not have that [...]

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Dáil Diary no 17- 11 Apr. 2014 – Power and Money can shape the news…

I got an opportunity today in the Dáil to speak on the Broadcasting Act and different aspects of the media. A strong, independent and objective media would contribute so much [...]

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Dáil Diary no 16, 4 April 2014- Companies Bill

This week, among many other issues, I spoke on the Companies Bill which is a massive piece of legislation with lots of positive developments to offer. My amendment dealt with [...]

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Shatter’s Credibility is Gone- the Taoiseach’s is Going…

I also think it is a disgrace that the Minister is not here. It is more game playing. He said that the crisis is not of his making, or rather, [...]

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Dáil Diary no 15- March 31st 2014- Help Small Fishermen, not US Military…

One of the many topics I discussed last week was the continuous use of Shannon Airport by the US Military which has facilitated their engagement in illegal wars leading to [...]

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