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A brand new political podcast from Ireland’s two best-known independent left wing MEPs, straight from the belly of the EU beast. Unfiltered by mainstream media they grapple with the problems at the very heart of the European project.

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  • Things are wrapping up for the summer in the European Parliament so we’re leaving you with a big one. Mick and Clare are going deep into foreign policy, their positions on the big issues of the day- Syria, Cuba, Belarus- and the threads that tie it all together.The recent media barrage has misinterpreted Clare and […]
  • This week we've got something different- we're airing an episode of  the Echo Chamber Podcast where Clare and Mick were interviewed by Tony Groves and Martin McMahon.They talk about foreign policy- particularly Syria and Iraq, the EU and recent attacks on the MEP's foreign policy positions in the Irish press. 
  • This week its I4C Trouble with Wallace and… Thomson. Clare is away and Mick and Damien are using it as an opportunity for an environment triple bill.First up is the EU Climate Law, the not-so-ambitious EU plan for reaching climate neutrality by 2050 which goes to a final vote this week. Mick explains why approving […]
  • On this week’s episode Mick, Clare and Damien are talking about a country that’s close to all of their hearts- Italy! They take us through Italian politics, Italy’s impact in the EU and of course… Football.Then there are some updates from Brussels- They're talking about unmanned arial mobility- drones for postal deliveries and air taxis, […]
  • This week we’ve got something different for you. Clare and Mick recently appeared on Sina Rahmani’s the East is a Podcast to talk about national sovereignty in the age of global capital. This week we’re broadcasting that interview.Clare, Mick and Sina talk about the Irish parliament’s recent actions on Palestine, Ireland’s strange position as both […]
  • This week the EU whistlestop tour is coming home to Ireland.We’ve got an entire episode dedicated to Éire – its role in the EU and how EU membership has shaped it. We talk about defence policy, the eurozone, the groups Irish MEPs belong to in the European Parliament and the Irish people who are making […]
  • In this week’s episode Clare, Mick and Damien are taking a pitstop in Germany on their inter-rail tour of the EU member states. Mick tells us about his glory days selling light up necklaces on the streets of Munich.They’re also talking us through the recent events in Belarus and the EU’s reaction to them, EU […]
  • This week on the podcast Clare and Mick are talking about the massacre that is happening in Palestine and Gaza. Opinions voiced on this in the European Parliament last week ranged from the equivocal “two sides” school of thought, to out-and-out messages of support for the apartheid state of Israel. They discuss the falseness of […]
  • This week on the podcast the Eurotrip continues with a chat about the Netherlands, a small, densely populated country that rivals Ireland in its obsession with dairy and tax breaks for multinationals. Then on to some updates from the week: fishing, transport and foreign policy.Finally we discuss the horrors unfolding in Palestine and Gaza- Israel […]
  • It was all go in the European Parliament last week: with decisions taken on Brexit, arms funding, space, Russia, Colombia and more….Clare and Mick are taking us through these latest developments before resuming their EU member state tour in France. Oh la la! 

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