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A brand new political podcast from Ireland’s two best-known independent left wing MEPs, straight from the belly of the EU beast. Unfiltered by mainstream media they grapple with the problems at the very heart of the European project.

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  • A bunch of important votes and debates in the EP plenary drew the attention of the Irish media this week. After nearly five years of ignoring the case of Julian Assange, MEPs finally agreed to allow a discussion of his case onto the agenda. So where does his case stand now? The hotly-debated Nature Restoration […]
  • Clare and Mick are back from London, where they attended Julian Assange's extradition hearing. Join us as we discuss the importance of Assange's truth-telling work and the urgent need to stop his wrongful persecution. Why does the EU praise Navalny as a courageous dissident but says nothing about Assange's critical condition and the years of […]
  • Join us as we discuss Israel's looming military offensive on Rafah and its catastrophic humanitarian consequences at a time when UNRWA's work is on the line. Mick and Clare tell us about this week's debates in the Parliament with UNRWA representatives and stress the need for Ireland to step up its efforts to stop this […]
  • We're back in Strasbourg for another plenary week, where Mick and Clare have been silenced multiple times for speaking about Gaza. Join us as we dissect the Parliament's attitude towards the genocide and this new era of McCarthyism, as well as funds for Ukraine, the issue of sanctions and the Irish Government's inability to tackle […]
  • This week we discuss the latest farmer protests in Europe, the cruel suspension of UNRWA funding when it's most needed, the disastrous housing crisis in Ireland and the misuse of labels.
  • Join us as we discuss today's historic ICJ ruling, an astounding defeat for Israel, as well as the Parliament's celebration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the EU's unproductive role in the Sahel, the Triple Lock mechanism and more!
  • Join us as we discuss the shocking resolution passed by the Parliament this week. Gravely misrepresented by the media, it is not a call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire but an open-ended license for genocide. We also talk about the EU's disastrous diplomatic role in Ukraine and around the world.
  • We're back from the Christmas break to discuss the ICJ genocide case against Israel initiated by South Africa, as well as the Irish government's disappointing reaction to it. We also talk about the US/UK strikes against the Houthis, the rise of militarism in Europe and the housing crisis in Ireland.
  • On the last episode of the year, Mick and Clare share their updates from the plenary week in Strasbourg. They talk about the disappointing Parliamentary debate concerning Gaza, the influence of the arms industry in the EU, the war in Ukraine and the racism of Irish refugee policies.
  • This week Clare and Mick tell us about their trip to Macedonia, the screening of the brilliant documentary Le Balai Libéré and its interrogation of working conditions and self-management, and the deteriorating humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.