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A brand new political podcast from Ireland’s two best-known independent left wing MEPs, straight from the belly of the EU beast. Unfiltered by mainstream media they grapple with the problems at the very heart of the European project.

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  • Join us for what could be the last episode of I4C Trouble. As the mandate comes to an end, Mick and Clare reflect on their years in Brussels. It's been a disappointing yet rewarding experience, where we've strived to use our platform to amplify the struggle for peace, anti-imperialism and a European Union that works […]
  • This week we're sharing our conversation with Ali Alizadeh for his podcast Jedaal TV. Ali questioned us on the role of the EU in the genocide in Gaza and the war in Ukraine, and what's most important: where do we go from here?
  • This week we welcomed Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, to present her report ‘Anatomy of a Genocide’ in the European Parliament. Together with Diana Buttu and Daniel Levy, the panel offered invaluable insights into the current crisis in Gaza, its historical and legal context, and Europe’s responsibility to defend international […]
  • We're back after a busy green week of very interesting meetings and events in Ireland and Italy. And how lucky that our return coincides with NATO's 75th anniversary… 75 years of US-led terrorism and impunity. And on that line, Israel continues to escalate tensions internationally, having killed 7 World Central Kitchen aid workers, and bombed […]
  • Leo Varadkar's resignation as Irish Taoiseach has taken most by surprise. Mick and Clare discuss what type of legacy he's leaving behind as they debunk the idea it's related to his comments on Palestine while in Washington for Saint Patrick's day. And while some resigned, others were being re-elected. Putin's victory has not come as […]
  • Welcome back to another Strasbourg episode. This week we discuss the Irish referendums on family and care, the Parliament's resolution on humanitarian aid for Gaza, the influence of Ukrainian grain in the European market and the authorisation of spyware to be used against journalists.
  • This week we're back in the studio in Brussels, where we discuss von der Leyen's appointment as EPP lead candidate, making her likely to renew her position as European Commission President. We also discuss our event with Palmed-France doctors returning from Gaza who recount the appalling health situation there, as well as our recent trip […]
  • A bunch of important votes and debates in the EP plenary drew the attention of the Irish media this week. After nearly five years of ignoring the case of Julian Assange, MEPs finally agreed to allow a discussion of his case onto the agenda. So where does his case stand now? The hotly-debated Nature Restoration […]
  • Clare and Mick are back from London, where they attended Julian Assange's extradition hearing. Join us as we discuss the importance of Assange's truth-telling work and the urgent need to stop his wrongful persecution. Why does the EU praise Navalny as a courageous dissident but says nothing about Assange's critical condition and the years of […]
  • Join us as we discuss Israel's looming military offensive on Rafah and its catastrophic humanitarian consequences at a time when UNRWA's work is on the line. Mick and Clare tell us about this week's debates in the Parliament with UNRWA representatives and stress the need for Ireland to step up its efforts to stop this […]