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A brand new political podcast from Ireland’s two best-known independent left wing MEPs, straight from the belly of the EU beast. Unfiltered by mainstream media they grapple with the problems at the very heart of the European project.

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  • Mick and Clare are joined by two very special guests this week: Ilia Lobzhanidze and Beka Natsvlishvili, who tell us about their country and help us better understand Georgian geopolitics and the concerns of ordinary Georgian citizens.
  • Join us as we discuss Clare and Mick's meeting with European defence industry representatives, the latest protests in Ireland, funding for Ukraine and much more.Fins aviat!
  • We're back from the summer holidays, ready to bring you the latest from the plenary week in Strasbourg. Clare and Mick talk to Bethany about Ursula von der Leyen's State of the European Union (fitting name, if you ask us),  the EU throwing taxpayers' money at the arms industry (again), their clash with NATO Secretary […]
  • This week we’re wrapping up for the summer. We discuss the Latin American People’s Summit where Mick and Clare had the chance to hear leaders from across the Latin American left. We also discuss a visit to the parliament by Dominic Óg McGlinchey who is seeking a proper investigation into the murder of his parents […]
  • This week Mick and Clare are in Strasbourg. They discuss the small victory in the passing of the much-weakened Nature Restoration Law by the parliament. They discuss what is next for that major piece of legislation as well as the scandal that is the new children's hospital in Dublin.
  • This week on the podcast we're reflecting on the question of Irish neutrality, Michael Martin's laughable consultative forum and the event Mick and Clare hosted in Dublin.
  • This week we’re sharing the recording of the event we held in Dublin on Saturday 24th June, Neutrality: Who Cares? *** note that this is part 2, if you haven’t yet listened to part 1, we recommend you go back and listen to that first *** Speakers featured – Clare, Mick, Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK, […]
  • This week we’re sharing the recording of the event we held in Dublin on Saturday 24th June, Neutrality: Who Cares? This is part one, featuring Clare, Mick, Ann Wright, Yanis Varoufakis and Sevim Dagdelen, MP for Die Linke, Germany. Part 2 to follow soon. Ann Wright served for 29 years in the US Army and […]
  • Mick joins the podcast fresh from hours of voting on the Nature Restoration Law. We discuss the latest on this major piece of environmental legislation as well as Mick and Clare's recent trip to Georgia and a new report from the Parliament on AI.
  • The EU is not coming after the small farmers of Ireland with the proposed Nature Restoration Law but that is how it has been painted at home. This is some of the most significant EU environmental legislation for decades and it is urgent. This week we’re breaking down the new law, what it would mean […]